“The Eye of the Beyonder was a legendary artifact. It was said that this relic would guide its owner to a map that led to a treasure located somewhere within the haunted Jandoon system. Tzizvvt claimed that he knew the location of this relic; Solomahal then joined him in his quest to retrieve The Eye of the Beyonder and, more importantly, the treasure itself.”

Super Window Project™ & Gallery are delighted to announce their first collaboration with international art brand Item Idem (leaded by conceptualist Cyril Duval), for a solo exhibition entitled Eye of the Beyonder. Right after its Big Beacon enlightened Fredric Snitzer Gallery during the Art Basel Miami Beach 2008 period, Item Idem delivers a brand new christmas hit via a minimal and striking visual display : a sculpture, a neon light installation and special effects “to end 2008 in a desperate attempt to represent the notion of evil itself”. Eye of the Beyonder blends cinematographic and pop(ular) visual codes, Walt Disney’s trademark fairytales, Marvel’s superhero and supervillain manichean imagery, Star Wars forgotten legends, 80’s horror movies and music videos’ hypnotic sequencing.

Following the Item Idem methodology of de-construction/re-construction, Eye of the Beyonder is a complex exhibition process, a mashup of intertwined references, crossbreeding experimentations, either unnatural or supernatural. The result is a perverse charade, a contemporary vanity all in black, white, pink and silver : dark, contrasted, sharp and dangerously shiny. A display of objects working as images, metaphors of themselves. Objects in a window, objects in a mirror and objects as mirrors themselves. Eye of the Beyonder is a looking glass.

“I am delighted to think about product value transmutation, and how to elevate materials conceptually to a point where art is really about the addition of ideas and shapes into something bigger, something that reaches splendour”, Item Idem says. Item Idem is the Beyonder.

Baron Osuna,

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